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AMFA stands for Affordable Medicines For All.

Our goal is to raise the bar in providing essential medicines to charitable hospitals and clinics in a way that encourages and promotes the local economy in developing countries around the world. AMFA Foundation was established in 1995.

Mission Statement Vision Statement

In 1997, AMFA Foundation assisted in founding Affordable Medicines For Africa (AMFA South Africa), a not-for-gain organization registered in South Africa.
Christian ServiceAMFA Foundation is an international Christian service organization.

AMFA exists to ensure that Christian health care organizations have access to a comprehensive and consistent formulary of essential medicines, with timely and efficient distribution, at competitive prices.

AMFA is committed to providing what is needed, when it is needed, at the right price, with excellent customer service. To accomplish this, we have assembled an international staff of experts with over one hundred years of experience in health, pharmacology, logistics, business, and ministry.

AMFA seeks to enable Christian healthcare workers to provide a practical witness to Christ's love by helping to reduce human suffering, working preferentially through the ministry of the family of believers.
A Worldwide Crisis
The African Problem | Human Suffering | African Opportunity
Infectious diseases, the world's biggest killer of children under five and working age adults-- many of whom are breadwinners and parents-- account for half the deaths in developing countries. Many of these killers-- e.g., TB, malaria, pneumonia, HIV-related opportunistic infections-- are treatable with generic drugs and preventable with simple healthcare commodities, all available at relatively low costs by developed countries' standards.

Yet even these inexpensive medicines and supplies are beyond the reach of 320 million Africans. The population in many sub-Saharan African countries-- crippled by poverty, racked by war, and ravaged by AIDS-- earns less than $1 a day. Christian missions and charity hospitals-- which constitute half the region's meager healthcare infrastructure-- are the only source of medical treatment for many Africans. Having few African sources of high quality, affordable medicines, missions and hospitals must often resort to pre-paying for bulk quantities of generic medicines purchased from India, China or Europe, which may spend months in transit exposed to temperature extremes, becoming ineffective or even unsafe.
Africa ships its orders by airfreight from Johannesburg where we have access to secure, in-bond warehousing and communications world-wide. Our goal is to keep our customers appropriately stocked at all times.

AMFA's goal goes beyond simply providing essential generic medicines at an affordable price. While AMFA is constantly working to source medicines at a lower cost, we do not want to compete for business solely on a price basis.

We feel the greater need is to provide excellent customer service through "Just-In-Time" (JIT) ordering and delivery resulting in streamlined inventory management and greatly reduced operating costs for our customers. In addition to our JIT objectives, we are also working towards partnering with other African organizations to implement a continent-wide, Internet-based communications system.

AMFA's distribution system covers the whole of Africa. By working with both commercial airlines and carriers, such as DHL, and private distribution partners, like MAF. AMFA ensures timely and secure product delivery at a reasonable cost.
A HEALTHCARE INFRASTRUCTURE AMFA is also involved in several long-term initiatives to build a sustainable healthcare infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa to address the region's dire needs. AMFA partners with church, private, governmental, educational, and nongovernmental organizations that bring essential know-how and resources to specific projects.A HEALTHCARE INFRASTRUCTURE
Drug Supply Chain
AMFA is a principal partner in Pharmesa (PTY) Ltd., a new pharmaceutical distribution organization based in South Africa that will procure and distribute high quality, generic, affordable essential medicines for the treatment of infectious diseases to include TB, pneumonia, and other HIV- related opportunistic infections. Pharmesa will be a low-cost supplier to the public and mission healthcare sectors, serving as many of Africa's needy as possible. Pharmesa will also help fund other AMFA activities.A HEALTHCARE INFRASTRUCTURE
Rural Healthcare Delivery Centers
AMFA has participated in Lincos (Little Intelligent Communities), an initiative that provides rural and poor urban communities with a modular mobile service center-- solar-powered, with satellite Internet connections-- to deliver a variety of services to improve the quality of life:
  • Telemedicine
  • Telecommunications
  • Radio station
  • Banking services
  • Computer laboratory
  • Internet connection
  • Video conference & entertainment center
Healthcare Centers of Excellence
AMFA organized the African Consortium for Excellence in Healthcare, a private-sector initiative to assure that funds appropriated for the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) are invested in healthcare facilities and services that address Africa's long-term needs for pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution, and patient care.How to HelpWith the goal of affordable essential medicines as its highest priority, it is AMFA's long-term goal to fund all aspects of its mission through its pharmaceutical distribution operations in Africa. As it builds the organization, facilities, supply chain, and partnerships necessary to achieve its mission, AMFA relies on several sources of income and contributions for its current operating funds, including
  • Grants from foundations
  • Gifts from individuals, churches, and businesses
With only a very small staff in Africa, AMFA and the US AMFA Foundation also rely on and benefit from the time and talent of numerous professionals who donate needed expertise and effort in support of this worthy cause.

AMFA Foundation is supported by the generous gifts of donors committed to ensuring Christian health care workers have access to a consistent formulary of essential medicines.

Key staff positions in both Africa and the United States are filled on a volunteer basis to ensure the maximum benefit of donated funds.

The Hollard Insurance Company provides office accommodation and support services for AMFA South Africa in Johannesburg.

Please contact us to learn more about how you can assist achieving the mission of AMFA.
AMFA South AfricaAMFA South Africa was launched as an African ministry that understands African needs and challenges.

AMFA is unique from other suppliers because we are committed to applying the best of African experience, talent and creativity to help build the African health infrastructure. By encouraging the development of local generic medicine production and national distribution facilities AMFA encourages an African supply of pharmaceuticals, thus producing long-term social and economic benefits for the African communities in which we operate.

Over the past 14 years AMFA has worked to build an organization for the effective distribution of medicines and pharmaceutical supplies on the African continent. Today, we are confident that a functional system has evolved.

AMFA's base is in Johannesburg, South Africa where we operate under the mentorship of Hollard Insurance Company, South Africa's third largest privately held insurance company. Hollard provides office accommodation and support services. From here we serve sub-Saharan Africa with quality, competitively priced pharmaceuticals and with a total commitment to customer service.
CONTACT USAMFA has offices in both the United States and Africa to provide you with the best possible service.

For information on AMFA Foundation in the United States:

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